Oracle Security Merchants  offers the PES guard tracking system that ensures guards clockin at predetermined check points to ensure that they carryout their patrols. They clock in using a vandal proof tracking device whose data will be downloaded onto PC for analysis. OUr equipment is sourced from the company TOMST® based in the Czech Republic which has been in operation since 1995.

Having been in the industry for a long time, Oracle Security Merchants shares the burden of challenges with other security companies. These challenges, span from changes in criminal behaviour through to changes in training methods, and have been part of the evolution in the security industry. These challenges have implored security companies to come up with solutions to address them whilst at the same time uplifting the level of service to the thousands of beneficiaries to this industry.

Furthermore, despite aggressive and more comprehensive training methods that are being employed, nature presents the toughest challenge faced in the industry, sleep and laziness are classical examples of such challenges.

Because human beings were meant to sleep during the night they find it difficult to keep awake during this time of the day. It has therefore been common to find guards asleep whilst on duty. As a result robberies or thefts commonly occur whilst the guard or guards are sleeping. In the security guard business supervision is of paramount importance and security companies have the duty to ensure that this is done effectively and continuously

Tomst Tracking Tools are therefore tools that can be used to monitor guards whilst the supervisors are away. Through the use of track sticks guards and even their supervisors can be monitored throughout the day using electronic tracking systems.

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