v-5418_300Oracle Security Merchants offers to Zimbabwe the Videx Vx2200 digital intercom system from Italy one of the most “versatile” systems in the world today. Our VX 2200 range is flexible enough to cater for a variety of installations: from 1 way systems to larger systems that include a maximum of 1000 apartments/flats.
Because our system is digital a single gate station equipped with an LCD display plus an easy to use keypad will be used to communicate with a single or multiple apartments. By simply dialling the apartment number visitors can easily call for attention.
Our intercom systems are loaded with features among them use of a PIN codes for door/gate entry. By pressing a PIN code on the Gate Station one can easily open the gate without the need for remote control……
Further our system uses a two wire common bus for audio installations and 6 wires for audio/video installations making highly economical and easy to install and maintain.
To unlock other key features a Digital Concierge (Switchboard) residents can book calls to other flats and talk within the complex without incurring landline or cellphone charges. The system can also be upgraded by adding Emergency Panic Buttons that when activated will trigger at a guard house or security office depending on equipment positioning and residence preferences.
Main specifications:

  • Ease of installation.
  • Ease of programming (through front panel keypad or PC).
  • “2 wire” common bus for intercom systems,
  • “6 wire” for video intercom systems with centralized power supply.
  • Excellent quality audio and video signals.
  • Privacy of speech and lock release.
  • Direct calling of up to 998 flats
  • Multi entrance facility (up to 10 entrances for each level).
  • All peripherals are intelligent and can be connected directly to the bus.
  • Back up battery facility.
  • Digital Front Panel with numerical keypad and display
  • Ability for all users to have their own unique access code.
  • Functional pan el interface available.

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