PD_6500i_gray-500x500The PD 6500i walkthrough is the recognized world leader in walk-through security including Zimbabwe and Africa. With enhanced pinpointing and unbeatable discrimination features this is the top of the line machine provides maximum high volume traffic without compromising on security.
Who trusts the PD 6500i?

  •  Local Banks
  • Airports
  • Embassies

If they trust the Garret PD 6500i Walkthrough then you can rest assured that the PDi will have your security needs covered.
Top features of the PD 6500i

  • 33 zones of pinpointing from top to bottom across the machine. To easily locate area of hidden metal
  • 21 different program options for maximum versatility
  • Dual detection – scanning from both sides of the PDI gives ultimate uniformity and sensitivity
  • Advanced broadband detecting technology – easily targets ferrous and non-ferrous weaponry with discrimination and max traffic flow
  • Direction counter- automatically counts traffic as they pass in one direction or both
  • Ultimate versatility: great for everything from airports to courthouses, prisons, schools or special events with preset programs for each location
  • Networking power: easily networks, uses remote monitoring, analyses data and group management
  • Come with 24 month limited warranty
  • Pace lights: like robot symbols, red /green walking man and red stop hand to automatically regulate traffic flow.

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